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“Launa has an effective way of getting to the core of what matters to me, in my business and in my personal life. The Human Design process and Launa’s intuition and expertise really helped me understand how to navigate some major life shifts I am experiencing.”

Sandy D’Acey, Vocalist & Voice Empowerment Coach

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Lindsay Sacks, Owner & Chief Strategist, Live Bliss Marketing

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PART 3: Talent into Income

PART 3: Talent into Income

To turn your talent into income it is important to understand these 12 steps to follow. Following these steps you will lose the fear of running a business.

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Launa Germiquet

Founder, Getting U.P. Now
Celebrate Your Unique PotentialTM

Have you ever felt that your life’s biggest challenge could also be the fuel for your life’s greatest accomplishment?

There are events that forever change your life and business. You can’t push through endless hours of work, self-care becomes non-negotiable and your meaning of success evolves. If this rings true, you’re not alone.

I had my first massive seizure at age 19 right after midterm exams. By my third year of university, at 20, I was having up to 20 seizures a day, that were passed off as anxiety. Regular smaller seizures had already become a part of life that I just dealt with.

After university, nothing would stop me from pursuing my dream of dancing and performing. When I graduated I worked on cruise ships, living the high life while teaching ballroom dance. When my seizures struck, again, it was easy enough to pass them off as sunstrokes and push through my day and responsibilities regardless of how I felt. I also used excessive social drinking and an unhealthy pursuit of financial wealth to ignore the seriousness of my illness.

I found that I wasn’t alone in facing these difficulties.

As an adult I was predominantly driven by the desire to ‘get ahead.’ I pushed myself beyond what was healthy or reasonable in my personal and professional contexts.

Can you relate?

Even after enduring a life-threatening brain surgery to stop the seizures, and when given a 2-3 year recovery time by my doctors, I ignored them and returned to work within a year. At this time, I simultaneously worked in the financial sector and owned and operated my own successful corporate communications company.

I did it all. And I was “Successful” by society’s standards.

Over the years I noticed how my incessant and ever-unfulfilled pursuit of ‘Success’ and ‘Wealth’ led me to neglect my own needs.

I constantly sacrificed my own health and well-being to get ahead in the rat race of daily corporate life. I was stuck in a pattern of constantly seeking, while never realizing that simply by stopping to examine the patterns and puzzles at play in my life I could also find the tools to rebuild.

With these tools in hand, I rebuilt my life to be filled with greater happiness, health, wealth and success on an entirely new level.

In sharing the tools and strategies that I’ve developed, I hope to continue to inspire others to discover their own Unique PotentialTM and create the life they’ve always known they were meant to live!

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